For Industry

We specialize in tribal engagement for energy infrastructure projects and providing archaeology services to federal agencies.


We provide energy companies with various services including conducting cultural resource surveys and managing construction tribal monitoring programs. We provide government agencies with state of the art archaeological services that combine tribal engagement.


-Develop and execute agreements between tribes and companies.

-Strategies to reduce and manage tribal opposition to pipeline projects.

-Systematic tribal engagement programs, allowing comprehensive responses to tribal issues and concerns.

-Communication channels with tribal councils, businesses, and  Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs).

-Outreach initiatives fostering direct, one-on-one contact with tribes.

-Services that complement existing tribal engagement efforts.


-Comprehensive tribal monitoring services.

-Drafting and administering Tribal Monitoring Programs and Unanticipated Discovery Plans.

-Identify areas of concern and incorporate them into the Monitoring Program.

-Contract directly with pipeline companies to train, pay, arrange accommodations and supervise the monitors.

-Work with Environmental Inspectors to integrate the monitors into construction activities.

-Extensive reporting on monitoring program and progress.


-Continental pipeline operators in the U.S. and Canada

-Pipeline support utility operators

-Oil & gas and LNG transport

-International and national craft trade unions supporting large-scale pipeline construction

-Proud Union partner, working exclusively on union-contract projects

-Extensive mid-stream experience

-Safety, environmental, and cultural resource survey and assessment

-Long-distance, multi-state ROW in U.S. and Canada


-Enbridge; Energy Transfer Partners; Keystone XL; Oneok; Plains All American; Sunoco; TransCanada; Valero, and others.


How Collaborating with Tribal Communities Benefits Pipeline Development,

Bradley Kramer, North American Oil and Gas Pipelines, February 5, 2018.

Excerpt:  One benefit especially attractive to indigenous groups are the tax incentives inherent in a pipeline passing through their lands. However, Thompson adds, there are also potential financial benefits for the pipeline company when building on tribal lands...

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“Pipeline Leadership Conference a Star in Dallas,”

North American Oil and Gas Pipelines, November/December, 2017.

Excerpt: Lou Thompson of Tribal Energy Resource led a panel discussion that featured two pipeline operators, Ian Steward of Sempra Energy and Doug Kennedy of Plains All-American Pipeline, and two tribal representatives, Robert Williamson of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, and Bobby Gonzalez of Tribal Energy Resource....

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Editor's Message: Getting to Know People the Old-Fashioned Way,

Bradley Kramer, North American Oil and Gas Pipelines, February 26, 2018.

Excerpt:  Being wrapped in a blanket taught me the value of appreciating a different culture in a business setting. I was at the 2017 Pipeline Leadership Conference in Dallas last November when I was involved in a blanket ceremony...

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Viewing Both Sides: A Look at the Relationship Between Tribes and Pipeline Companies,

Lou Thompson, CEO of Tribal Energy Resource

Excerpt: Working as a Tribal Relations Program Manager for an energy pipeline company provided me a unique insight into the inner workings of large corporations while also providing me an extraordinary opportunity to work directly with tribal governments and communities...

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