For Tribes

We specialize in tribal engagement for energy infrastructure projects and providing archaeology services to federal agencies. We work with tribes to provide energy companies with various services including conducting cultural resource surveys and managing construction tribal monitoring programs. We provide government agencies with state of the art archaeological services that combine tribal engagement.

We provide tribes with the opportunity to participate as tribal monitors during construction to further reduce the potential for project effects to known and previously unidentified historic properties. TER can help utilize tribal members in critical labor and cultural resource protection jobs. TER's archeology, monitoring, and surveying operations emphasize the use of tribal members to identify and protect historic, sacred, or important items and locations for tribes.

TER's vast experience in the pipeline industry helps it negotiate on behalf of tribes to ensure tribal interests and sovereignty have a seat at the table. Too often tribal members and representatives are excluded from important business negotiations that impact them. We help advance tribal interests through relationship building and facilitation between tribes, developers, and government permitting agencies. TER is the leader in the development and implementation of tribal monitoring programs during the construction of pipeline projects. We are experts in NEPA and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

TER works with specific tribes to provide Native American Awareness Training specifically for corporate employees and contractors.


-We facilitate the development and execution of agreements between tribes and companies.

-We develop strategies to reduce and manage tribal opposition on pipeline projects.

-We help tribes establish communication channels between tribal councils, Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs), and our clients to advance the tribe’s understanding of any project.

-We develop a systematic approach to engagement so you can respond, in a comprehensive and balanced way, to tribal concerns and issues that may arise.


-TER provides comprehensive tribal monitoring services.

-We write and administer Tribal Monitoring Programs and Unanticipated Discovery Plans.

-We work with tribes to identify areas of concern and incorporate them into the Monitoring Program.

-We contract directly with pipeline companies to train, pay, arrange accommodations and supervise the monitors.

-We work with Environmental Inspectors to integrate the monitors into the construction activities.

-We provide extensive reporting on the monitoring program and its progress.


-TER has developed relationships with tribes and worked on pipeline projects throughout the United States. We are also familiar with the pipeline permitting process in Canada. We have an extensive list of in-house Aboriginal Relations Practitioners who have experience Canada-wide in relationship building with First Nations and Metis governments and communities.


-Numerous tribes in the mid-west, southern, and southwest United States

-Canadian First Nations

-Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain tribes

-Extensive work with tribes along controversial pipeline routes in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Louisiana


-Alabama Coushatta; Apache; Blackfeet Nation; Caddo Nation; Comanche; Cherokee Nation; Cheyenne & Arapahoe; Choctaw; Coushatta Tribe; Crow Tribe; Ft. Belknap; Ft. Peck; Kiowa Tribe; Lower Brule Sioux Tribe; Northern and Southern Ponca; Northern Cheyenne; Omaha Tribe; Rocky Boy's; Sac and Fox Nation; Shawnee; Shoshone; Wichita Tribe, and others.


Viewing Both Sides: A Look at the Relationship Between Tribes and Pipeline Companies,

Lou Thompson, CEO of Tribal Energy Resource

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Tribes and the U.S. Forest Service: Walking in Both Worlds,

Bobby Gonzalez, Tribal Energy Resource LLC, U.S. Forest Service Tribal Relations Newsletter, Winter 2018

Excerpt: The key to effective tribal engagement between the Forest Service and Native American tribes is to manage tribal interests while improving the stewardship of national forests. For the Forest Service, or any federal agency, improving trust and collaboration with Native American tribes can be a daunting task...

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